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Sleep better with a smarter mattress

Presented by Purple

Presented by Purple

For a limited time, get 10% off any order of $200 or more. Go to and use the promo code “KIM10” at checkout.

You know the routine. You toss and turn, trying to find a comfortable spot. You finally drift off and wake up with aches and pains all over.

Sound familiar? It’s time to upgrade your mattress. Those trendy foam mattresses and the old school spring options won’t cut it. Finally, the mattress has evolved — thanks to Purple. 

What makes Purple mattresses different? The secret is the Purple Grid. It’s a patented technology that adapts to your body’s natural shape and sleep style. You get soft comfort and the firm support your back needs — all at once.

For a limited time, order a Purple mattress and get $150 off any order of $1,500 or more. Go to and use promo code KIM.

Sleep smarter

You’ve probably seen countless ads and mattress companies online. What makes Purple different? The tech (and the minds) behind it.

Purple’s co-founders are a rocket scientist, literally, and a comfort expert. The brothers created cushioning foam used in wheelchair cushions, critical-care medical beds, Nike footwear, ankle and knee braces, golf bag straps and a host of surgical gear.

They adapted the same principles to create an amazingly soft, strong material that could stretch 15 times its resting size and could “relax” under pressure points, redistributing the pressure to other areas.

The same feature turned out to give amazing back support in mattresses.

When we said durable, we mean it. You can count on resting easy night after night and year after year because the Purple Grid won’t sink or lose shape.

And with over 2,800 open-air channels and naturally temperature-neutral gel, you’ll never sleep too hot or too cold.

How can I try it?

Every Purple mattress comes with free shipping, free returns and a risk-free 100-night trial. Sleep on it, make sure you love it and if you don’t, send it back.

If you’re ready to change the way you sleep, Purple is the way to go. Get $150 off any order of $1,500 or more for a limited time. Go to and use promo code KIM.

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