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Skip the tourist traps and travel like a local

Everyone travels in their own way, but often the best way to get the most out of a trip is to not be a tourist. Sure, there are certain places you need to go and things you have to see, but if you really want to enjoy an area, you need to live like a local.The thing is, unless you know someone who lives in the area, that can be difficult. How are you supposed to know where the actual best restaurant is or which bar makes the most delicious, unique cocktails?Fortunately for us, we don’t need to make a new friend or rely on a stranger to guide us through a new city. With help from an app, our vacation can be better than imagined.

Say goodbye to tourist traps

The app is called LikeALocal, and its goal is to point you in the direction of the places you actually want to go. Whether you are looking for things to do, tours, activities, places to eat, shopping or nightlife, it has you covered.The recommendations come courtesy of actual locals. More than 4,400 cities are covered, all with ideas on what spots to hit. Summaries with notes, photos and other details will help you to decide if it is really a place you want to check out.The app, which functions offline, is free for iOS with the opportunity for in-app purchases. If you are trying to plan your trip before leaving the website,, will also work.Providing the same tools as the app, the site lets you enter a city into the search bar before displaying places where its locals think you should go.

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