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Site helps you pick out the right gift for anyone on your list

Oh, the joys of the holidays and gift-giving. ‘Tis the moment when the right gift can truly make your Christmas merry and bright. But as much as we love giving and receiving during this jolly season, we all know that gift hunting can be quite tedious.


And if you have an army of relatives, family, friends and co-workers wondering what you have in store for them under the Christmas tree, the gift-planning process can be overwhelming and quite stressful. Not exactly the feeling you want during the holidays!

So are you tired of buying and receiving the wrong gifts year in and year out? Well, your family’s gift receipt days may be over! Thanks to this cool site that can melt everyone’s gift-giving blues away!

Take the guesswork out of gifting


Find the perfect gift with this most wonderful online service I found. It’s called Giftster.

This site lets you organize your own personal wish lists (or your kids’) then share them with your family, relatives and friends. This way they’ll know what you really want and not waste their money on something that you’ll likely stash in a drawer somewhere.

Giftster works for any occasion, too – Christmas, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers – you name it, you can create personal wish lists for anything.

Getting started

To get started with Giftster, create a free account with either your email address or Facebook account. Signing up is quick and easy and you’ll be creating your gift lists in no time.

Once you’re in, click on “new list,” name it, share it, and you can start adding items right away.

Wish lists

Once you have your first list saved, here’s where a bit of magic happens. Instead of manually typing in your gift details, you can simply paste its web address from any online shopping site (Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.) and Gifster will fetch its name, price, details and website.

You can also rank your items via a five-point star system and really let your gracious gift-givers know what you fancy the most. Group members can even anonymously reserve a particular item to prevent duplicate gifts. Like I said, completely takes out the guesswork.

Sharing your list with groups

The whole point of making your wish list is, of course, to share it with others. With Gifster, you can create or join individual groups for your friends and family.

Simply start a group, choose a name for it (“Family” or “My Pals,” for example, then invite other members to register via email address or address book information.

If you want to join another existing group instead, search for the Gifster account who made the group and make a request.

Keep in mind that every group member can then see each other’s wish lists and preferences so please be extra careful about who you add in.

For an easier and simpler way to manage and share gift lists, Giftster also has mobile apps for iOS and Android gadgets. It also has nifty Google Chrome and Safari extensions for adding items to your wish list instantly while browsing the web.

Ready to organize and take the anxiety and stress out of your gift giving? Click here or the button below to get started with Gifster!

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