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Send your large files for FREE with just a few clicks

As with all tech companies, they’re always trying to find ways to improve and come out with the next greatest feature or gadget that’ll set themselves apart from the competition.

Mozilla is no exception. It’s busy testing a lot of new tools and features for the open-source Firefox browser and that includes Send. The cross-browser web app allows you to send self-destructing files up to 1GB for free!

It sounds pretty easy to use. You simply go to the page and drop a file in. You’re then able to send the link to anyone you want to share the file with. Watch the following video for a brief overview.

Mozilla promises Send is completely private and encrypted on the client side, meaning the content can’t be viewed. The link will only work for 24 hours or for a single download, whichever comes first.

Send is supposed to upload as quickly as other options like WeTransfer. It’s a great option for when you need to share a file securely and don’t want to worry about others accessing the same link you give out.

Aside from security, another challenge with sending some files is size. If you have files that are too big to email, there are a few ways to do it such as through Google Drive and a DropBox account.

Why you need Firefox Send

Here are some of the unique features of Firefox Send that you’ll surely use:

  • Voice Fill – Speak to your favorite search engines with Voice Fill. The program sends your recordings to servers for processing and in return, it provides you with suggested text.
  • Notes – A simple notepad that allows you to jot down something while browsing the web. Notes collect information about how often you use the feature to create notes and how much time you spend editing.
  • Snooze Tabs – Snooze tabs are great if you find the right website but aren’t ready to use it. The program allows you to set an alarm so you can open the website at another time.
  • Min Vid – Min Vid is a great way to keep videos “front and center.” It lets you display YouTube and Vimeo videos in a small frame that you can view as you’re browsing the web.
  • Containers – Look at containers as a way to compartmentalize your life. Create files for your personal life, work life, social life and so on.

Do you want to try out Firefox Send now? Click here or the Cool Site button below!

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