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See the world get hacked in real time

Every day, the world is under constant threat of cyberattacks. Data breaches, spam emails, identity theft – there are probably millions of attacks going off at any given minute. One attack, in particular, can be devastating since it targets critical web services and can shut down the internet for a vast majority of people.I’m talking about the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, of course.DDoS attacks occur when servers are overwhelmed with more traffic than they can handle. These types of attacks are performed with something called a botnet.

Note: A botnet is a group of gadgets that hackers have taken over without the owners’ knowledge. The hackers seize control of unwitting gadgets with a virus or malware and then use the network of infected computers to perform large-scale hacks or scams.

If you can recall, back in 2016, a massive DDoS cyberattack was launched against the internet infrastructure company Dyn and it crippled major websites like Twitter, Spotify, Amazon, Netflix, CNN and PayPal from being accessed by millions of users.Governments, thieves and third-party hacking groups are constantly chipping away at each other’s computer hard drives and servers in search of valuable information or to maliciously bring them down. And now, similar to a real-life video game, there’s a way for you to watch these attacks happen with today’s Cool Site.

The state of the internet in real time

With the Digital Attack Map site, you can see cyberattacks as they happen and even go back over the last year to view attacks that happened in the past.The data is gathered anonymously and published by Arbor ATLAS from over 330 internet service provider customers around the world and is updated hourly.This means that although useful for checking out global internet threat activity levels, it does not include any identifying information about the attackers nor the victims. It’s great for seeing the general area of attacks but it can’t be used to pinpoint and troubleshoot the attacks themselves.As you may know, a DDoS attack can be used to initiate and disable all different types of websites for millions of people. A hacker can take an election page offline to influence results or take over banking sites to leave customers without a way to access their funds.Since DDoS attacks are highly customizable, almost all major sites are left vulnerable to sneaky cyberthieves. The goal of the Digital Attack Map site is to bring the public an easier way to understand just how many cyberattacks go on every day and how devastating a DDoS attack really is.“We hope this tool allows more people to understand the challenges posed by DDoS attacks. We also hope it triggers a dialogue about how we can work together to reduce the threat of DDoS Attacks, improving the internet for everyone,” said the Digital Attack Map.So, click here or the big blue link below to check out the Digital Attack Map and learn about the importance of destructive DDoS attacks.

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