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Search for a product online simply by taking a picture of it

You use search engines every day to find world news, or products you want to buy, or information about an upcoming movie. You type in so many searches every day, you probably don’t even think about it anymore.

Say you see someone walking a breed of dog you’d like to adopt. You just type in some information about it, like “little dog with a smushed face,” and you’ll probably get a result like, “French bulldog.”

Or, what if you see a movie poster, like “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”? You just type that in, to get information about where it’s playing, and to watch a trailer.

Here’s an easy solution

But, wouldn’t it be easier if you could just snap a picture of any of those things, and have your smartphone do the search for you? You don’t have to type anything. Just take a picture, then CamFind searches for it.

It’s pretty impressive, too. CamFind uses the Cloudsight API (application program interface) to search the Internet for your image. If it’s a cup of coffee, it’ll recognize that image, translate it into an online search, and give the results. For example, say you’re on vacation in Miami. You see someone eating a hamburger.

You’re hungry, so you take picture of the burger. In seconds, CamFind recognizes it as a hamburger, then locates information about hamburgers, and shows you addresses of nearby places to get one.

You can also use CamFind’s voice-activated search, to speak a search request. Or take a picture of one of those QR codes you sometimes see, or a barcode, and CamFind will take you directly to the website associated with it.

CamFind recognizes almost any image. Plus, it’s free to use. So, give it a shot, to see how well it works for you.

Do you want to see CamFind in action? Check out this video.

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