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Do you want to connect with old friends? Perhaps a long-lost classmate from your childhood or a former neighbor or co-worker who moved on years ago.


Whatever the reason you wish to track down an old acquaintance, searching on Google or Facebook might not always bring up the best results you want. But I found a cool website that could be better way for you to find people online.

This site scours more than 60 sites like from social media, news sites and blogs. It then indexes all the links associated with that person, so all the information from your search is in one place.


PeekYou is like Google for people. Instead of locking in on keywords like the popular search engine, it looks for links likely to be associated with people you’re looking for. PeekYou has a very expansive network. It’s already analyzed over 1 billion links!

The site lets you search for your friends, or for yourself, by full name or username. You’ll be surprised at what you find! PeekYou can help you find long-lost family members, old classmates and friends you’ve lost contact with.

You aren’t limited to searching by name or username, either. PeekYou actually has a whole range of search categories like Interests, Work, School, City, Phone and Email.

PeekYou does a great job of cataloging well-known people, too. It finds tons of resources on newsmakers and celebrities and assigns them a “peek score,” which tells you how notable they are.

When you search for somebody (or look up somebody famous), you’ll get a long list of matches for names, public records, emails, Facebook profiles, social media accounts and even arrest records.

You can click results to see the social media profiles, but if you want to see something more in-depth like Public Records and Background Checks you may encounter pay walls. That means that you need to pay a third-party site for more information.

I searched myself and found a pretty accurate list of former addresses, jobs and social media accounts.

By the way, if you don’t want your information gathered through PeekYou, there is a page where you can request an opt-out. Beyond PeekYou, there’s a way to delete any online account or profile. Tap or click here to find out how to wipe old accounts.

Be aware that sites like these can be filled with ads disguised as other searches. Don’t click something if you’re not certain, and remember, you don’t have to pay for any additional information if you don’t want to.

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