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Free roadside assistance app connects you with help in an emergency

If you’re getting tired of, or just frustrated with, your current roadside assistance app, you’ll like this story. A San Antonio-based roadside assistance app is making a name for itself for those who need immediate help.

The app is designed to make ordering roadside assistance easier and more affordable than ever. For tips on how to avoid distracted driving, tap or click here.

Even if you’re the perfect driver, the truth is you can’t always trust others on the road, and sometimes your vehicle pops a tire or simply stops working due to normal wear and tear. When this happens, you’ll be glad to have this app.

Improved roadside assistance

The Mach1 app was first introduced in 2017 and began its service in Austin and San Antonio, Texas. The app’s goal is to streamline roadside assistance by digitizing the process of requesting service for both providers and consumers through geolocation technology.

There are no membership fees and Mach1 brings much-needed automation technology to the roadside service industry. With just a quick tap of a button, users can have instant access to help without having to go through the hassle of contacting a call center for dispatch.

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What makes the app unique, and far superior to other apps, is its ability to connect the customer with the nearest available service provider. This means shorter wait times and easier usage overall.

Presently, Mach1 offers services for all potential roadside needs, including flat tires, tow trucks, car batteries, fuel, diagnostic mobile mechanic and trip inspection, lockouts and even a way to contact local police.

Users can create their account ahead of time, adding vehicle and payment information for a truly simple and on-demand option for roadside assistance. You can create your profile at any time, but pay for the service only when you use it.

When can we use the app?

The simple answer: Right now. Mach1 is currently available for free download.

Tap or click to download Mach1 for iOS.

Tap or click to download Mach1 for Android.

Mach1 has more than 2,000 service providers registered across 49 states, with Hawaii as the only exception, and the sites explains it is “recruiting service providers across the U.S. and [it will] be launching to customers soon!”

Though service providers are popping up across the country, Mach1 is currently only available for those in Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio, Texas.

The technology is there, so if you’re willing to wait for your area to be covered by Mach1, it would be well worth the wait. In the meantime, want extra protection? Tap or click here for the 5 best dashcam apps for iPhone and Android.

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