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Request your data from different companies

At this point we all know the sites and apps we use have plenty of data on us, right? Whether we like it or not, there are some things we can do about it, but not much.In some ways the best thing is to understand what the site or app has on us, limit it where we can, and then hope for the best. With that in mind, if there is any good thing that has come from the recent spate of hacks and breaches we seem to have suffered, it’s that there is a greater focus on our online privacy and security.Many sites and apps have been more forthcoming about what they have, while also providing avenues for us to see and even download their files on us. It might be tough to keep track of every site and app that gives us that option, though, which is where this great site comes in.

Meet is an easy-to-use site that allows you to discover just how to request your personal data from the companies that have it. Everything from Facebook and Twitter to eBay, Waze, Google Maps and Angry Birds is there, out in front and quickly identifiable.In some cases the site will link you to the path the sites or apps themselves offer for requesting data. That’s the simple route to take.Unfortunately, it is not always that easy, which is why for companies that don’t make the information readily accessible, the site will provide a template for you to use in order to contact them and request the information. You may need to fill out an online form, send an email or mail a letter, but the wording is there to at least get you started.Once you have your templates or, if you were lucky enough, the direct paths, you can fire off your requests. That’s it! The only thing MyDataRequest asks is that you let them know how things went.It’s worth noting that depending on where you live, there are different rules and regulations with regards to requesting data. App background

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