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Powerful podcast player with custom playlist feature

Want a large variety of programs to listen to on the go? If you haven’t started listening to podcasts, you’re missing out. Podcasts let you listen to series about news, music, finances, and just about any other topic you can think of.Once you’ve found a few favorites, you need a way to organize them so that you stay up to date on the latest episode. Overcast and Podcast Addict are two free mobile apps that help you manage the shows you want to listen to.Overcast is a podcast player app for Apple devices. Once you download the app, you can create a free account so that you can listen to your podcasts from any device. Or you can bypass that step if you plan to listen on just one device. Then just hit “Add a Podcast” to start searching and exploring different podcast shows and genres.Let’s say you want to subscribe to “Komando On Demand,” Kim’s podcast that features interviews with experts about the ever-evolving tech world. Type the title into the search bar and you’ll have the choice to subscribe to the series or just download a past episode. You can turn on notifications for new episodes and set them to download automatically.Once you’ve subscribed to several different podcasts, you can use filters and sorting rules to keep them organized. If you download episodes then you can listen offline. You can even link the app to Twitter so that you can receive recommendations from people you follow.Podcast Addict is the number one podcast app for Android devices. Right after you download the app, the first thing you do is start subscribing to podcasts. It has similar search and discover options for finding different shows and genres. You can stream to listen or download the files to listen offline later.Another free Komando podcast you can subscribe to is “Tech News This Week;” Kim gives weekly reports on the latest digital news. To find this podcast and others, just use the search function in the app. Once you’ve added a podcast to your list, you can make adjustments to the playback speed and skip silent moments.If you already have episodes saved in an iTunes account then you can import that playlist into the Podcast Addict app. Set your playlists to shuffle or loop to listen the way you want. Add bookmarks and notes to remember things about specific episodes.Both apps allow you to set sleep timers and boost the volume. You can also change the color scheme and other playback settings. Click the blue links below to try out Overcast (iOS) and Podcast Addict (Android) for yourself! Or click here for a link to Overcast and click here for a link to Podcast Addict. App background

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