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Play dozens of old arcade games in your browser

Longing for those iconic 70’s and 80’s arcade games?  You know the ones, Pac-Man, Asteroids, and Qbert? Wouldn’t it be great to play them again?With today’s cool site you can relive the early frontier days of gaming back before everything was a sequel and people still had original ideas. Now you can compete for the high score with a community of arcade enthusiasts from around the world.A non-profit has put together a massive database of old movies, software, books, music and more. Among this huge library of items is a collection of over 600 classic arcade games, just go to Each of these games is programmed into the browser itself, so no download is required.I tried my hand at a few of these games and quickly realized that I have lost my touch. All these new PlayStation games with fancy graphics have made me a softy. I can’t compete in the classics anymore. It is a good thing you don’t have to feed the machine quarters to continue. You can add coins to the virtual machine by simply clicking a button!Many of the games do not list the controls, so it can be a bit difficult to figure them out. Try using the arrow keys and the left Ctrl key. This was the configuration for a few of the ones I tried.These games are seriously so incredibly difficult. Try your best to make the high score list and prove your classic gaming skills to the world. At the very least, beat some of your old favorites without throwing down $500 in quarters.

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