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Play dozens of free brainteasers, puzzles and games

Studies show that working out your mind is as important as working out your body! One good way to flex your brain “muscle” is by solving a daily dose of puzzles and brainteasers.

Making brain exercises a part of your daily routine has a multitude of mental health benefits:

  • It improves your memory and comprehension
  • It increases your memory capacity
  • It reduces the risk and slows the decline of dementia
  • It improves your concentration
  • It boosts your overall mental activity
  • It’s fun and it reduces boredom

For your daily fun mental workout needs, here’s a site that will surely tickle your problem-solving fancy.

It is the Interactive Sites for Education’s brainteaser section.

What is this site all about? Well, it claims to have the best K-5 online, interactive, educational games and simulations in one place!

Not only does it have games and brainteasers, it also has tons of educational games and tools your whole family will enjoy.

Here are some of our favorite brainteasers on the site:

Important note: These interactive games and brainteasers require the Flash plugin to run.

We’re hoping they’ll transition their content to HTML5 soon.

According to the site, Google Chrome is causing its Flash content to download instead of opening in the browser. If you still wish to views these Flash games, follow these steps provided by the site.

Way of an Idea

“Way of an Idea” is an entertaining game that presents quite the conundrum – how do you hit Newton’s head with an apple and hopefully, give him a novel idea?

By drawing and erasing lines then playing back the resulting animation in real time, you can guide the apple to Newton’s head with the game’s cool gravity physics engine.

What makes this game challenging are the various obstacles and the limited pencil and eraser turns you have.

Hitting Newton’s head with an apple is trickier than you think!

Duck: Think Outside the Flock

This game puts all the ducks in a row and challenges you with mini-games of increasing difficulty.

There are hand-eye coordination tests, tricky “turn all the ducks” puzzles, “follow the duck” tracking games and more.

If you want a quacking challenge that can ruffle your feathers, try this game out!

Weigh the Wangdoodles

Weigh the Wangdoodles is a mathematical puzzler that will test your logical skills. In this game, you are asked to infer the weight of each “Wangdoodle” based on the mathematical equations it provides.

Although guessing the right weight of each Wangdoodle based on the limited information is difficult in itself, try not using a calculator for the ultimate challenge!

Ready for more wicked interactive brainteasers? Click here to visit the Interactive Sites for Education brainteaser section!

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