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Plan your family’s meals with these apps

Technology keeps rolling along when it comes to cooking. First, we had the return of the slow cooker, then the new pressure cookers. Who knows what’s next? One thing that never changes is the need for meal planning.

Luckily, there’s a wide selection of helpful apps out there meant to make dinnertime less stressful and more focused on your time with the family. Next time you’re figuring out what to serve and how to make everyone’s stomach happy, try out one of these meal-planning apps to simplify things a bit.

Then use some of that “me” time to try out a dessert recipe of your own or two.

Recipes, recommendations and more for meal prep

No idea what you’re going to cook for the night? Yummly is a mobile app with a browser-based version that helps provide recipes, recommendations for tasty new dishes and more based on your individual tastes. You can even save the ones you make and enjoy to a digital recipe box, which means no more hunting through an old pile of shredded paper to find what you need to make a batch of cookies that’ll knock everyone’s socks off.

Yummly for Apple.

Yummly for Android.

Build shareable grocery lists

When it’s time to prepare a grocery list, do you scribble something on a piece of paper and head out? Stop doing that, and use AnyList to craft your grocery list. You can create and share lists with whomever you choose, making remembering your needs easy.

Now you can collaborate with the very folks involved with getting dinner on the table, so everything you need to make the big feast is in the palm of your hand, and not crumpled up in the bottom of your pocket or purse.

Anylist for Apple.

Anylist for Android.

Get the right kitchen measurements

How many times have you struggled in the kitchen trying to figure out how many cups of milk you need for a recipe, or how many teaspoons are supposed to go into the delicious dinner you’ve got planned? Struggle no more with Kitchen Calculator, which can take all of those pesky measurements and calculate them for you in a jiffy.

Kitchen Calculator for Apple.

Sync recipes between your phone and laptop

Multiple grocery list managers and recipe organizers never hurt anyone, and Paprika is one of the best there is. Effortlessly go from app to desktop with this recipe manager and never lose your favorite dinners again. Sort your recipes into different folders, types, ingredients, and more. Sync your lists across devices. Share your recipes with others so you can get others in on the cooking fun. Above all, drop those rickety old notebooks and pens and jump into the digital age. You can thank us later.

Paprika for Apple.

Paprika for Android.

Get a grilling guide in time for spring

Have a grill and lots of meat to cook, but don’t know how or where to start? Grill-It! is an app from the online grilling and barbecue magazine Grilling Companion. It’s chock-full of plenty of different recipes for you to put together right on the grill, complete with entrees to appetizers and even a few desserts thrown in for good measure. If the weather’s nice and you’re looking for some delicious grilled dinners, Grill-It! is your perfect mobile companion.

Grill-It! for Apple.

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