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Over Gmail? Here’s a better way to get email

At one point in time, the words “You’ve Got Mail” were followed by excitement. Now, we never hear those three words and emails are just another mundane part of our work and personal lives. Email is a great tool for keeping in touch and taking care of business, however, the choices of email providers are slowly diminishing. Or so we thought.

Gmail is, of course, the email provider of choice and arguably has been since its introduction back in 2004. Gmail and even the Apple equivalent, iOS Mail, are both solid email apps. However, for those who crave simplicity, Gmail may not be at the top of your list of preferred email providers.

Thankfully, we at have found three more email providers that may put the excitement back into your inbox.

Email provider offers virtual assistant

Edison, formerly known as the app EasilyDo, is a Gmail alternative that is worth adding to your list. Edison promises speed along with an “intelligent assistant” that is on par with Google Now. Edison saves you time, gives you real-time delivery and travel notifications, and even lets you block emails from folks you may not wish to hear from.

Unlike many email providers, Edison does not store your emails on its server and opts for keeping them end-to-end encrypted, which is great for those who are opposed to iCloud and the like. Edison also allows you to “unsend” an email, making embarrassing email mistakes a thing of the past! Edison is available on both iPhone and Android devices.

You’ll love this eye-catching email interface

OK, so this app is unfortunately only available to iPhone users but on the bright side it is only $5 and it looks nice. Now, looks certainly aren’t everything but if you spend a lot of time combing through your inbox, you will definitely appreciate the eye-catching interface.

Airmail also has a great desktop version and both the desktop and mobile version are compatible with various apps including Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and Droplr. Airmail also lets you send emails to an array of calendars, to-do apps and text editing apps.

Old-school email provider

It’s probably been a while since you reminisced on the early days of email. While Hotmail may now be a punchline, its email offspring Outlook is no laughing matter. Outlook is a very reliable email provider and deserves as much recognition as Gmail and the other big email apps.

Outlook features a more focused inbox that allows you to prioritize the emails that are more urgent while still offering quick calendar access and a great response bar. And, yes it is available on both Android and iPhone devices.

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