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Our Flash Tips can help you tackle your toughest tech problems

Do you know how to delete your web cookies? Are you familiar with apps that can help you promote your small business online? What about deleting your personal information from the web?You could read some long instruction guide and try to follow the written steps to learn how to do these things. Or you could watch a 60-second video on our site that shows you how!Our Komando Flash Tips are how-to videos that can teach you how to do several tech-related tasks. Many of them are a minute or less and we add new videos several times a week! If you don’t see a topic on the first page that you’d like to know more about then just use the search bar in the top right-hand corner.Here are just a few of the various topics you can learn about:

Detect hidden credit card skimmers with this smartphone trick

Before you head out of the house today, make sure you read this. Hackers are remotely stealing money from people just like you. It’s happening a lot more these days, notably with credit card skimmers and debit card skimmers. Here’s another way to search for them.

Stop Windows 10 updates from crashing your PC

Do you use Microsoft’s Windows operating system? Just think about all the times that Windows inexplicably stops working. For example, you may get the “blue screen of death,” where your screen turns blue seemingly for no reason. Here are some tips to help you out!

5 good habits that immensely improve your online security

In the age of drive-by downloads, ransomware, data breaches, rampant identity theft and millions of other digital threats, good online security is critical. Here are 5 things you should try.

How to find out if your car has a safety recall

Automakers try to notify owners of safety recalls, but records aren’t always up-to-date and it can be easy to miss a letter sent in the mail. Fortunately, there are online resources for finding out if your vehicle is subject to a recall. Here’s how to do it.To watch more Komando Flash Tips, click here or click the blue button below. You can also watch Flash Tips on The Kim Komando Show YouTube channel. Be sure to hit the subscribe button so that you know when Kim uploads a new video!

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Navigating the digital world can be intimidating and sometimes downright daunting. Let me help! Reach out today to ask your digital question. You might even be on my show!

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