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One life-saving app for anyone who lives alone

The thermostat is always at a comfortable temperature. You can be as messy or as neat as you like. And you never have to share the remote! Living alone can be pretty awesome!

But it can also be a little bit scary. If there’s an emergency but you can’t reach your phone then how will you get help?

The ManDown app detects motion and sends alerts to your loved ones if you’re unresponsive. It’s a personal safety app that was developed by firefighters.

Once you download the app, you add the name, phone number, and email address of your emergency contacts. Then you set the timer based on your needs. Once time runs out, you’ll get a warning alert. If you don’t deactivate the warning within 30 seconds then an emergency alert will be sent to your emergency contacts.

ManDown can be used a few different ways, based on how you set the timer. If you’re going to be working alone for several hours then you can set the timer to check your responsiveness every hour. If you want to check in on an elderly person or your children then you can set the alerts for once or twice a day.

You can add an unlimited amount of emergency contacts. When you need to send a distress alert to your contacts, you use credits to do so. The app costs $2.99 and it comes with 10 credits, which is the equivalent of sending out five voice alerts and five text alerts. Sending email alerts is free. If you use all of your credits then you can buy more through the app; it’s $2.99 for 50 credits, $4.99 for 100, and $8.99 for 200.

ManDown allows you to stay safe while you maintain a sense of independence. People that care about you will know that you’re safe without constantly calling and texting to check up on you. Press one of the blue buttons below to buy it for your Apple or Android phone.

Note: Just because you live alone, doesn’t mean you have to live in fear. Another way to stay safe while living at home is to install a quality security system. Our sponsor SimpliSafe offers a smart home system that has sensors, motion detectors, and smoke alarms. Click here to get free shipping and a free keychain when use promo code KIM

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