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Who doesn’t like saving a buck or two here or there? Lots of people clip coupons, search for promo codes and surf discount websites to save precious pennies. After all, these pennies can add up to dollars and dollars can add up to fun extra bonuses just for you!One easy place to save is at the grocery store. There’s coupons galore in daily papers and tons more inside a whole variety of apps. But while you save with these coupons, I’ve found an app with more value than just the coupons themselves.With this app, there’s a new and more informative way to save and it’s much more exciting than cutting out paper coupons.The app is called Ibotta and with it you can answer quick poll questions, learn new facts, or post items to your Facebook page to earn cash back on Ibotta-featured products.For example, let’s say you are in the market for orange juice and Ibotta is featuring your favorite brand. Just click on the photo of the juice. From there, you will click the option to learn a fact for $0.25, or answer a poll question for $0.50. These dollar amounts vary depending on the product and the offer, but they add up and are put into the pending tab. Once you’ve completed the tasks, you’re halfway there.Next, while shopping at your local store, pick up and purchase that specific brand of orange juice. Once all your purchases have been made, be sure to keep your receipt! Scanning the receipt with your phone’s camera is the most important part.Once you have scanned your receipt, Ibotta will then verify your purchases and put the money you’ve earned directly into your PayPal account. You will have the money in your account in no more than a few hours.You can also earn other bonuses to add money to your account. You can earn rewards for referring friends, using the app frequently and can redeem other retailer-specific offers.

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