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New horoscope app powered by artificial intelligence gives you real-time insight

Astrology is cool again. Just ask your teenage daughter if she checks astrology apps like The Daily Hunch or reads astrology columns on trendy, self-empowering sites like Girlboss.

The important thing to know is that today’s horoscopes are not like the vague, dull ones you’d read in the newspaper. Today’s horoscopes use technology, like NASA planetary maps and algorithms, to give you up-to-the-second, real-time insight into where you fit in the universe and how to navigate your day.

The nice thing about horoscopes is that they can help you refocus on something that’s harmless and potentially beneficial, as the world of politics, relationships, finances and your career causes stress. “You’re always in control, but today you’ll make great strides by just letting go.”

Today’s horoscopes have a very modern wink and a nod to let you know that they may be complete bunk, which makes your devotion to them easier to explain to friends. Case in point, the Horoscope is Nonsense link on The Daily Hunch.

There’s also a social media element, where you can share your always-updating horoscope with friends on Facebook and other sites. And let’s face it, if you’re not posting your horoscope for others to see, why bother reading it?

Still, these modern and cool changes to the horoscope pail in comparison to what Co-Star for iOS is doing. It takes horoscopes a step further with artificial intelligence. (Co-star is coming soon for Android.)

Co-Star’s AI

Co-Star is an advanced horoscope on a number of levels, including how in-depth it goes. It takes into account the whole sky on the day you were born, rather than just the sun or moon. The result, Co-Star says, is hyper-personalized horoscopes that are similar to the ones an astrologer would put together for you.

Here’s how Co-Star works. It starts with your natal chart.

They use the time, date and place of your birth plus NASA data to create a map of the sky. Co-Star uses algorithms to compare the location of the planets at that moment to now.

Co-Star goes well beyond your sun sign. It also incorporates the planets, moon, solar system and 12 houses of the zodiac.

It uses artificial intelligence to turn this immense amount of information into words you can understand. But all you need to know is that it’s high-tech, cool and fun!

Tap or click here to download Co-Star now.

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