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Get everybody together with this new messaging app

Social butterflies rejoice because Yahoo has developed a new app geared specifically towards making plans, sharing event invites, and well…being social. The app is called YahooTogether and it is definitely worth a download!

Formerly known as Squirrel, YahooTogether is the new and improved group messaging app that is available to everyone. To watch a video highlighting the app’s numerous features, click here.

How does it work?

With features such as custom reactions, a mute button, and reminders, YahooTogether is an innovative group messaging app that allows you to easily make plans, arrangements, and create events with your family and friends — provided that they are also YahooTogether users.

Unlike many social networking and messaging apps, the folks at Yahoo have created an app that allows you to organize your conversations. Say goodbye to endless text threads and say hello to a more streamlined way of communicating with the people who matter most to you.

Are you planning a party? Great! With YahooTogether you can create a group chat tailored to the event and you can even send out reminders to the group members to ensure that everyone remains in the loop. All you have to do is tap the message and hit “remind.” Now what if you’re planning a surprise party? Well, with this app you can even create secret chats using the ‘invite only option,’ which will help you keep the private details, well, private.

Do you have something important to say to your friends or family? You can use the ‘blast’ feature to notify group members of important details. With the ‘activity view’ you can rest assured that you will never miss important messages and you can also see when you are mentioned — all in one view.

The app also features a ‘do not disturb’ option, so you can avoid your phone ringing at inopportune times. And, with the ‘search’ feature, you can easily access older text threads using keywords. YahooTogether also has a fun ‘custom reaction’ feature that allows users to react to conversations using pictures or emojis.

For more information on YahooTogether, be sure to check out their website here. You can download the app via the App Store or GooglePlay. Happy socializing!

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