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Get my free app – Available now in Apple App Store and Google Play

Great news! More than 34,000 people have downloaded my new app, and the feedback I’ve been receiving has been fantastic.Have you tried it out yet? Apple users, click here to get my free app in Apple’s App Store. Android users, click here to get my free app in Google Play. Keep reading if you’d like to know more about how the app works. You already listen to my show, subscribe to my free podcasts and stay up to date on – so you’ll love this brand new way to get the latest tech updates!

Here’s what people are saying

“Great info all the time! Super app to keep updated on tech news, security alerts and unbiased advice. Love Kim’s show, USA Today columns and free podcasts. I even won a laptop in one of her contests! Download this app. You won’t be disappointed.” -JS200145252435, rated five stars“Finally news about digital devices on the go & 24/7, thank you Kim & co. !!!!” – Thestealthychef, rated five stars“I really enjoy hearing about new tech products and ways to keep my gadgets safe. This app will help me stay up to date on the latest tech news. Very informative. Thank you so much!” -Merti7, rated five stars“Clean, easy to maneuver, fun app giving you access to expansive information regarding technology, computer, cell phone, internet, security and much more. Highly recommended.” -Lineka_12, rated five stars“Finally! The best tech lady around now keep (sic) her valuable info everywhere you go!” -Lcobb2005, rated five stars

How to find the Komando app

Whether you use Apple or Android, you can download my free app onto your smartphone or tablet. Just open up Google Play or the Apple App Store (I’ve added direct links in the blue buttons below) and search for “Kim Komando.”app-2-2

Top features of the Komando app

There are many sections to choose from. Happening Now, Tech Tips, Show Picks, and Podcasts to name a few. You’ll find all of the great information that you know and love from’re going to love the free product buying guides, videos, product comparison charts, podcasts and shows, because you asked, I’ve added in a few additional perks. To make it easier to manage your day, there are features that let you check the local weather, traffic, sports and breaking tech news. Just enter your city to customize your results. app-sections-2-cropped

Help spread the word, and leave a good review

Now that you know about my new app, I have a favor to ask. If you’ve ever learned anything from my show, website, or one of my podcasts, this is your way to give back. Please download my app, and give it a try. Once you see how informative and helpful it is, please tell your friends and family, and give the app a great review. The more positive reviews the app receives, the more people will see it.Leaving a review is simple. For Apple, go back into the App Store and pull up the app. Tap “Reviews,” then “Write a Review.” A window will open that allows you to rate the app and leave some comments. Then, just hit “Send.”reviewFor Android, go back to the Google Play store and pull up the app. Scroll down until you see “Rate this App.” You can choose up to five stars and hit “Submit.” It will ask you a couple of questions before taking you to a screen that lets you enter a short review. When you’ve added your comments, hit “Finish.”review-androidClick the blue buttons below for direct links to the new Komando App! I’m so excited to hear what you think and hope you find it to be a helpful resource.

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