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App revives a mail feature that Gmail dropped

Most of us use Google, and we’ve grown used to its pluses and minuses. It gives you tons of ways to personalize your experience, and you can get it to do pretty much anything you want.But there are a few things Google is getting rid of that you might still want. That’s where this app steps in.Google Inbox had various features that have since gone extinct. But there’s a new app called InboxIt that can help bridge the gap between what’s missing and what’s still there. You might want to give it a look, especially if you find yourself really lost without what Google Inbox used to offer.

How InboxIt can help fill the gap Google Inbox left

Google’s Inbox is an experimental mail client that found several fans in its desktop version and Android app. Unfortunately, it’s going to be discontinued as of next year, thanks to an official announcement from Google itself.Inbox is rife with time-saving features and helpful options for users, such as the Save to Inbox sharing option, which lets you share browser links to your Inbox, and then to Inbox proper. This way, all your saved links are stored in one place so you can find them easier.There was even a Chrome extension to use this with as well. The Chrome extension has already been taken down now, however, and it’s no longer available on the Android app.That’s why InboxIt is such a great alternative for everyone who loved using Google Inbox, as it takes much of what the original extension did and makes things a little easier for the time being, since Google has made the decision to end support for the app.The manual way to replicate what Save to Inbox did for users in the past is to email a link to yourself. InboxIt will do this for you, through a process began by tapping the InboxIt icon in your Chrome or browser sharing menu. The app will then email the link to the account of your choice. You can send links, add reminders to your inbox, and change the email subject if you choose to as well.The app is free, and features premium features for 99 cents if you’re interested in finding something to replace what Google Inbox did previously.

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