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New app provides hours of match-game fun

I love when my listeners call in to tell me about their digital projects, like Roe from Staten Island, NY.  Her son-law created a fun game app that you can download for free from the Apple App store. It’s not yet available on Google Play.It’s called Grind My Gears Lite and it’s a matching game with 10 levels. You must race the clock to earn a certain amount of points before time runs out.Each level starts out with a grid of gears; each gear is a certain color and has a number on. You can switch any two gears on the board to create a cluster of three or more. Once you create a cluster, it disappears and more gears drop down onto the board.The first level is pretty easy because the board is small and you only need to match colors. In later levels, the game shifts so that you’re matching the numbers on the gears. In the hardest levels, you create your clusters by matching gears with the same color and number.As the levels get harder, the grid of gears also gets larger so it becomes much harder to spot possible matches. Another feature that makes the game progressively more difficult is that you’re forced to score a certain amount of points within a set amount of switches.If you like other matching games, such as Candy Crush or Bejeweled, then I’m sure you’ll love Grind My Gears Lite too. It’s very addictive and lots of fun. Do you think you can conquer all 10 levels? Click here or click the blue button below to download it to your iPhone or iPad.

P.S. Here’s a video from my show of my phone call with Roe. She needed some advice on creating an ad campaign so I gave her some tips on marketing mobile apps.

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