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XE Currency is a must when you're traveling abroad

XE Currency is a must-have app if you are traveling abroad

So you’re traveling overseas, how exciting! Whether you plan to spend two weeks backpacking or a month soaking up the rich history of another country, it’s always a life-enriching experience when you immerse yourself in another culture.

However, there’s one important detail that you have to keep in mind. Your U.S. dollar is not accepted everywhere. Different countries have different forms of money, of course, but you can always exchange your own with the local currency.

Now here’s the main thing to remember –  exchange rates fluctuate and they change constantly. If you’re not careful, you might get scammed. Knowing the actual exchange rates for the local currency is one piece of knowledge if you’re traveling abroad.

Thankfully, this app has everything you need to convert every form of currency you may encounter on your journeys.

XE Currency

XE Currency is a must-have app any time you are traveling to another country.

With this app, you can calculate currencies and exchange rates anywhere you may be. You can also view live exchange rates, historical charts and trends, and convert prices right on your smartphone.

Not limited to the most popular currencies, XE Currency keeps track of the live exchange rates of all 180+ currencies in the world! And with this app’s currency converter, you can monitor up to 10 currencies at the same time.

Although XE Currency’s exchange rates are refreshed constantly, the app will also store the last updated exchange rates so you can still use it offline.

Don’t get stuck spending more money than intended because you didn’t know the exchange rate. This free app is available for iOS and Android users. Just click here or the download buttons below. App background

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