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mental health treatment is easy with BetterHelp
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Need help? Talk to a licensed pro from the comfort of your own home

When it comes to mental health treatment, good help is hard to find. Supply outweighs demand, prices are sky-high and people may look down on you for needing help. Not only that, but the physical process of getting out of bed, fighting traffic, paying high parking fees and sharing your darkest secrets with a stranger can be daunting.

Don’t let these barriers to mental health treatment stop you

Thanks to our sponsor BetterHelp, there’s a better way to find the support you need. If you’ve never talked to a therapist, don’t worry. Since this app is so easy to use, it’s accessible to anyone, from newbies to seasoned therapy pros.

You can speak face-to-face through a video chat or audio only via phone call. You can even chat through texts. Plus, you can change the format any time you want. This app empowers you to customize your therapy experience, which helps tailor everything to your comfort.

Mental health awareness is important. BetterHelp is one of the best online therapy sites for mental health treatment. Here's all to know in 2023.

The best thing about this app is that you can change your therapist anytime if you feel uncomfortable with them.

When I used to go to therapy in person, I would often spend too much time with therapists I didn’t connect with because I didn’t want to hurt their feelings by switching. Once, I stopped going to a therapist I didn’t like and felt guilty about it, so I never returned to that office again, even though other therapists could have helped me.

With this app, you can easily find the right therapist without any awkwardness. You can do it all through your phone or computer screen and find your perfect match.

Since using BetterHelp, I’ve felt more comfortable in my skin — which has given me the confidence to go out, make new friends and deal with life’s curveballs in healthy ways.

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Therapy gives you the tools you need to navigate our crazy world

Let’s face it: The past few years have been pretty crazy. From COVID-19 restrictions isolating people to disturbing news about school shootings and political riots, life has thrown many curveballs at us. Sometimes, you just need to talk to someone in a safe, judgment-free zone.

That’s where BetterHelp comes in. Download this app for Android or Apple iOS devices to connect to a licensed therapist within minutes.

You can set your appointment times through a nifty built-in calendar. Then, you can talk to someone who can give you advice, strategies, or a listening ear. Whatever you need, you’ll find on this helpful app.

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