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Make your own podcasts without building a home studio

Listening to my favorite podcasts is one of the satisfying pastimes of my daily routine. At any time – while walking, running, cooking, working out – I can feed my mind and get updated with the viewpoints and opinions of the people I follow and rely on for just about anything under the sun.

It’s no wonder it’s one of the internet’s biggest information and entertainment revolutions, the podcast’s expanding reach is undeniable.

So why not join in on the fun? If you think you have simmering thoughts and opinions that you believe are worth listening to, why not give your own podcast a shot?

You might think podcasting requires a full crew and a studio to pull it off. Well, not anymore.

Thanks to the power of apps and the internet, you and you alone can have your very own podcast.

Anchor – the DIY podcaster’s dream

Anchor is a mobile app that allows anyone to record, edit, publish and share high-quality podcasts straight from their smartphones. With a tap of a button, you can talk away and unleash your very own verbalized viewpoints to the entire world.

When it launched, Anchor used to be just an outlet for sharing short and expiring audio recordings, music and audio clips, occupying its niche as a social media platform for audio streaming, an audio Snapchat, if you will. You follow people, they follow you, it was as simple as that.

That all changed when Anchor 3.0 released early this year. This update essentially transformed the app into a full-on mobile podcast studio and publishing tool.

Now, Anchor will not only let you record full-length high-quality podcasts from your phone, you can quickly publish and distribute them to all major platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, Overcast and Pocket Casts, too.

You can record up to 10 people at once and do roundtable podcast discussions or even go live with real-time chats and take “phone-in” voice messages from a live audience.

Worried about promotion and reach? You can also share and embed a link to your podcasts to social media services, blogs and websites. It has detailed analytics tools so you can gauge your podcast performance and ranking compared to others.

It sounds like an indie DIY podcast creator’s dream, right? It sure does!

Just pick a quiet spot, gather your thoughts, press record then publish and share to a built-in market. Maybe in time, if you’re good enough, people will start noticing and grant you a built-in audience, too.

Anchor 3.0 will likely play a big part in the ongoing podcast revolution. It’s instant broadcast power to the people and who doesn’t want that?

Get Anchor now

Are you ready to become the next indie podcast sensation?

Get the Anchor app for iOS or Android or click the Download buttons below and go break a virtual leg!

Listen to Kim’s Free Podcasts too

If you are a regular follower of or a listener of The Kim Komando Show, you may have heard about the free Komando On Demand Podcast. These informative podcasts from Kim Komando delve into the fast-moving world of technology and the relevant tech issues and topics that are continuously transforming our lives.

You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of a wide variety of current trends and topics such as the Dark Web, Smart Homes, money opportunities, and so much more. These podcasts are short in length and are meant to be listened to at your leisure. They are perfect for when you’re exercising, making dinner or on your daily commute.

Here’s a sample:

Click here to learn more about Kim’s podcasts and how to download them for free.

Want more? Subscribe to Kim’s Free podcasts from iTunes, Spotify or Google Play and listen to new episodes from your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

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