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Make easy, gorgeous and quick images for social media posts

Ever wonder if you could be an artist? Maybe you have a social media page or a business that publishes infographics and flyers. Social media posts with images are 10 times more likely to get engagement. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a quick and easy way to put together some simple graphics without hiring a graphic designer?


Artwork is expensive. Many people go to school for years to become graphic designers, and many can charge from $30 an hour to over $300 depending on the assignment and their experience. But, sometimes you want something simple, quick and easy for a local ad, or just a casual social media post. That is where today’s cool site comes in, and I am really a huge fan of this one.

Design your own graphics is an amazing tool for creating your own simple graphics. Maybe you are having a garage sale, want to make a sign that actually catches the people’s eye? What about real estate? Wanna pass out some flyers to a neighborhood? Or maybe you just want to share some cat pictures with your friends. Spice it up a bit and add some personal flair with Canva.

With no design experience, you can make your own flyers easily and quickly.

This is an easy-to-use browser tool, no need for downloading or installing anything. You don’t even need any design experience. Just select images and shapes from a gallery of over 1 million choices, drag and drop. Everything is saved to the cloud and can be easily accessed the next time you log into your Canva account. Share your creations with friends and family from any computer!

Easiest design tool ever

I really cannot stress enough how easy it is to use this tool. You can even upload your own images to your account to use for home-made photo albums or fun family memes. It is so simple and convenient that you may find yourself constantly looking for good excuses to design new artwork. Make birthday invitations for that “Star Wars” themed surprise party, or billboard adds for your small business. I can’t remember the last time I even saw a department store flyer that I didn’t think could have been designed in Canva.

This website is actually just amazing, and like all my favorite things, it’s free. If you find yourself using this tool often, however, there is the option to pay for a pro account for access to more images and design templates. You may be tempted to pay for Pro Canva, and I wouldn’t blame you at all. It is still WAY cheaper than hiring a designer or paying for an expensive editors tool (not to mention the time investment in learning how to use it).

If you are interested in creating your own unique art designs be sure to check out Just spend 5 minutes and I promise you will love it.

Click here to check out Canva!

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