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Locate your missing gadget with this helpful app

Purchasing a new gadget can cost you a pretty penny.If you like having the latest and greatest devices, you know that it can cost nearly $1,000 for your next phone. At those prices, you definitely don’t want to lose the one you already have.Replacement costs are just the tip of the iceberg. Think of all the critical information stored on your phone and if it fell into the wrong hands. Yikes!That’s why you need a reliable way to track down your gadget if it goes missing. This app will help you do just that.I’m talking about the Find My Device app.Find My Device is the new and improved Android Device Manager. It helps you easily locate a lost Android gadget and keeps your information safe and sound while you look.The app is completely free and helps you locate your Android phone, tablet and even your Android Wear device. Here are a few features of the app.
  • Locate gadget – Your missing device will ring for 5 minutes, even if set to silent.
  • Securing device – The lost gadget will lock and display a message or phone number.
  • Erase – If you are not able to find your device, you can erase all content stored on it. This keeps sensitive data out of the hands of thieves. (Note: Using this function means the Find My Device app will no longer work in helping you locate the lost gadget.)

How to use Find My Device

If you lose an Android gadget, you can find, lock, or erase it. If you’ve added a Google Account to your Android device, Find My Device is automatically turned on. To use Find My Device, your lost device must:
  • Be turned on
  • Be signed in to a Google Account
  • Be connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi
  • Be visible on Google Play
  • Have Location turned on
  • Have Find My Device turned on
  • Lost Android Wear watches must also be running Android Wear 2.0 and up
To download the Find My Device app, click the link inside the blue box below. If you’re reading this article using the app, you might not see the blue box. If not, click here to see it and download the app.
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