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LinkedIn profile tips
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7 LinkedIn tips for a recent high school or college grad

Presented by LinkedIn

Presented by LinkedIn

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New to LinkedIn? Newly-graduated students may have used the platform before, but the game changes as the stakes increase after college.

Presenting a professional and friendly persona through your profile is vital to potential employers. Experience, interests and a great bio can all get you far.

We’re longtime fans of LinkedIn, and we’re here with advice for graduates hoping to make a positive splash on their feeds. Whoever said social media won’t get you anywhere in life?

1. Create a well-written summary

You’ll want something attention-grabbing but nothing too out there. Introduce yourself honestly and briefly describe your desired role and what you have to offer. Be sure to check for typos and punctuation!

2. Specifics, specifics, specifics

Don’t just leave it at your alma mater and cover letter. Each experience can and should be supplemented with details regarding what you did and how you grew. 

For example, include skills acquired and the duties you were responsible for in previous work experience entries. Who are you, and what do you do?

3. Use a professional profile picture

We recommend adding a photo featuring you in your perfect interview outfit. According to LinkedIn, profiles with professional headshots may receive up to 14 times more attention from employers when seeking a job.

You may not even need to spend a bundle. One idea would be to dress up and ask a friend with a great camera to take a few shots. Smile!

4. Capitalize on your experience

This may not always be easy, especially if you’re a recent high school grad. Still, you might be able to use different forms of enrichment to express who you are and where you hope to go. Your new degree should be added to your profile. What else?

Internships, retreats, volunteer opportunities, certification courses you’ve taken, and special projects can make you stand out in a good way. Of course, if you have relevant work experience to include, you should also share this. 

5. Think of relevant skills to add

The Skills section is a valuable way to describe what you’re great at. Start with what you can think of on your own, then find more that others are using.

Look at other people’s profiles who work in your desired field to find suggestions for skills for various roles. Profiles like these can show where your current skills may be lacking. 

6. Research other profiles in your industry

As mentioned, other profiles can inspire newly graduated students interested in putting their best foot forward on LinkedIn. You can type in the role you’re hoping to land and find many successful professionals and their bios.

Emulate what you see working well. You’ll also find some excellent inspirational posts from many of these professionals, which are fantastic in and of themselves.

7. Label yourself clearly with a descriptive headline

Finally, one of the most overlooked LinkedIn tips for grads — using a great headline. It’s one LinkedIn feature that lets you join your field publicly. It can even help you network with others.

Your headline allows potential employers to identify you by your role immediately. It’s also an SEO tactic to bring recruiters to your profile. Get ready for the career of a lifetime!

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