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See your life in numbers with this addictive website

I love numbers. I’m all about making decisions based on stats, data and facts. Now, that works for business and finances, but how often do you think about the numbers that drive your everyday life?

There are birthdays and anniversaries, sure, but we don’t get much more granular than that. When you do, though, there’s so much interesting data.

That’s why I totally love this site I found, and I bet you will too.

Life Stats at turns your life into a series of numbers and facts. Just enter your birthday and see what’s happened to you since you were born — heartbeats, blinks, breaths and more — and what’s happened to the world.

You can even see how many of your days you’ve slept away and how far you’ve traveled around the sun.

Neal Agarwal, the site’s creator, turns data into fun, addictive pages. He’s got 17 different links (don’t worry, I’ll share more of them with you soon) that all have a few things in common: They’re captivating, smart and endless clickable. He turns data into a game, and I just love that.

His tagline? “For people with too much time.” I don’t know about that, Neal, but I do know it’s nice to take a break from everything else on the web and have some fun.

Try this site. It’s great stuff!

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