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Is Duolingo course free? Yes. Can you become fluent by Duolingo? Yes. What does Duolingo cost? Nothing!
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Duolingo: The language app that turns learning into a fun and easy game

If you want to improve your memory and critical thinking skills, learn a new language. One of the easiest places to start is Duolingo. This language learning app breaks down the learning journey into bite-sized lessons you repeat each day.

Luckily, you can challenge your brain without taking on the arduous task of learning a new language. In fact, you can just look at a few optical illusions to teach yourself a new way of looking at the world. Tap or click here for a few optical illusions that will test your brain.

Sadly, learning new languages becomes harder as we age. But it’s still possible! Instead of spending money on a class, you can learn up to 38 languages on the Duolingo app. We’ve got all the details.

Pick a language, any language

With Duolingo, you can learn almost any language, from Spanish, French, German and Russian to Italian, Japanese, Greek and Hebrew. You can also learn Klingon as well as High Valyrian if you so choose.

Those last two are not languages that will help you much around the world. But if Comicon is your thing, they could certainly come in handy. Plus, you can surprise your friends when you whip out your Star Trek or Game of Thrones lingo!

The diversity of languages is just one benefit. People mainly love Duolingo because it makes it all a game. Instead of feeling anxious or ashamed by any mistakes you make, you can instead feel excited by the thrill of winning a game.

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How Duolingo works

You earn points for giving correct answers while racing against a clock. The goal is to continue to level up while consuming effective lessons that vary in time, based on your preference.

The lessons feature speaking, listening, translation and multiple choice challenges, with in-lesson grading and other tools to keep you motivated. It is available on a desktop or via iOS, Android or Windows Phone, meaning you can learn wherever you are.

Over 200 million people have taken advantage of the opportunity so far, with more than 7 billion language exercises being completed each month.

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