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Learn how to code for free

If you are reading this article, you make use of the internet. For the sites you read to exist, they need code. A lot of code.

To most people, computer code very much has a Matrix-like feel, with letters, numbers and symbols somehow making up the apps we use and the websites we visit. Behind all of that are the people who understand coding and are able to build and maintain it all.

Many coders knew it was what they wanted to do a long time ago and went to school for it. But for anyone who has only recently decided it is something they’d like to learn to do, there is an outstanding free option that will teach you.

You can learn from anywhere

Check out and what you will find is a place that will teach you how to code at no cost. Just create an account with a username, email address and password or sign in via a Facebook, Google or Github account, and get rolling.

According to the site, “Whether you’re writing your first line of code or transforming your career, start with us and get the technical skills you need to skill up and stand out.” It’s not just a tag line, either. It actually works.

CodeAcademy is an education company that focuses on the learning experience. Their take on teaching and learning is unique, as their goal has been to look at educating from a different perspective.

Choose the course that’s best for you

One of the best things about CodeAcademy is that it provides you with a plethora of options. You can learn HTML, Python, CSS or JavaScript, along with SQL, Alexa and many other code-based skills.

In all, there are 26 different free courses, all of which give an explanation of what you will learn and how long it will take to master before you sign up.

Founded in 2011, CodeAcademy says more than 45 million people have learned to code with their help, with many of them having found jobs in the industry.

But if you want to pay

While CodeAcademy will teach you plenty for free, there is an option to pay for a membership that will provide you with even more features. There are two options: CodeAcademy Pro, which runs $19.99 per month, and CodeAcademy Pro Intensive, which starts at $199.

Those are for if you get really serious and need an advanced level of training. There will be more opportunities to practice and receive instruction as well, but for most people, it would probably make sense to start with the free stuff.

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