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Learn a new language by teaming up with native speakers

If learning a second language was easy, everyone would do it. After all, the benefits of being able to speak different tongues are well understood.

Many people were tasked with at least trying to learn one in high school or even college, though it’s fair to question whether or not anything actually stuck. If only back then we realized how valuable it would be to actually know multiple languages, perhaps our approach would have been different.

Fortunately, while we cannot change the past, our future has yet to be determined. Therefore, if you want to learn another language you can, and there are plenty of great apps out there to help.

This one connects you with an actual person

One of the coolest language-learning apps is called Tandem, and unlike others that are virtual teachers, this one works by letting you learn from an actual person who speaks the language.

The app, which is free, helps you find native speakers who want to learn your language. The app finds a partner with similar interests as you as a way to make conversation easier, and it will provide various prompts that are meant to help get the conversation started.

With all that, what ends up happening is you teach each other. Best of all, you will learn to speak like a local.

Tandem has more than 3 million members in 28 different countries, providing the opportunity to learn nearly 150 different languages. You can learn on your schedule, too, as there is no need to schedule a time, go to a meeting or even sign into an app like Skype. Click the blue box below to download it from the Apple Store or Google Play. App background

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