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Leaked patent from Ford shows something strange hiding in the passenger’s seat

Have you been paying attention to all the innovations making their way into vehicles these days? Apple CarPlay and Android Auto let you connect your smartphone directly to the car to make hands-free functions easier to use.

There’s even more impressive technology to be excited about like electric vehicles and self-driving cars. However, Ford is working on a clever addition that uses something so old-school it’s genius.

What is Ford’s latest invention?

What we’re talking about is a passenger headrest pillow that can be used to nap on long drives. Freepatentsonline has recently published a patent filed by Ford that changes its headrest design.

The new system integrates a foldable pillow into the headrest. This will allow passengers to use the pillow when they want to take a snooze on a long drive and stow it away in the headrest when it’s not being used. The patent design is reminiscent of a neck pillow that you would see someone using during a flight.

This new tech will make for a more comfortable ride for passengers while solving the problem of storing the pillow. The patent shows a secret compartment inside the vehicle’s headrest with a tiny door that when removed, exposes a travel pillow.

Obviously, these new headrests won’t be built into the driver’s seat. It’s just for the comfort of passengers.

Ford has not announced when the new feature will be available. Keep checking in with our cars, trucks and tech section and we’ll keep you up to date on all the latest news.

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