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I want to keep my dog safe and healthy. I'm sure you do, too. Here are the top three ways to keep your dog safe and healthy!

3 smart ways I protect my dog and you should, too

Presented by Dr. Marty - My dog LOVES this food! Yours will, too

Presented by Dr. Marty - My dog LOVES this food! Yours will, too

Save 54% on your first order, plus get a free bag of Dr. Marty’s bestselling dog treats.

We love our dogs so much we treat them like humans — but this can hurt them in the long run. Although it’s tempting to think of Abby as a little princess, I keep my dog safe and healthy by being aware of her unique needs as an animal. For example, chocolate might make me happy, but I’d never feed it to Abby. It’s poison for dogs!

The same goes for avocados, caffeine, grapes, raisins and macadamia nuts. Oh, and it’s best to keep dogs away from sugary foods and drinks, no matter how much they beg. Spoil them with these nine doggy goodies instead.

If you want to make your dog feel like a million bucks, give them food their wolfy ancestors ate. They need vitamin-packed foods like salmon, turkey, beef, duck and other natural ingredients. Scroll down for my top three tips for keeping my dog Abby happy and healthy.

1. I give Abby Dr. Marty’s food so she feasts like a queen

Before I switched to my sponsor, Dr. Marty’s brand, Nature’s Blend, I had to ask myself a tough question: “Am I feeding Abby food that’s actually good for her?” I went down the rabbit hole while researching and unearthed some shocking stuff. I realized I had fallen for marketing instead of picking the best brand.

I learned that dog food labeled “premium” or “organic” contains 50% to 64% processed cereal byproducts with little nutritional value. Many dog food companies don’t prioritize your pet’s nutritional needs. Instead, they focus on filling your dog’s belly with nutrient-deficient kibble.

Some dog food brands are even linked to canine heart disease, according to NBC News. In 2019, over 500 dog owners filed reports to the FDA. They said “grain-free” dog foods led to their pets later developing heart issues.

Of course, not all dog foods have dire consequences, but you can’t trust most food brands to put your dog’s nutritional needs first. Most put money first, which means cutting corners and unhealthy foods. Once I learned this, I realized I hadn’t been giving Abby the delicious and nutritious food she deserved.

I realized, “Oh, so THAT’S why Abby keeps pushing her food bowl away!”

After learning that so many pet food brands cut corners, I was thrilled to meet Dr. Marty Goldstein. This pioneer in pet nutrition has spent over 45 years perfecting his dog food recipes. Nature’s Blend is a premium freeze-dried, raw dog food made in North America, designed to mimic what your dog would eat in the wild.

Get this: 81% of the food is made from real cuts of raw turkey, raw beef, raw salmon and raw organ meats. The rest is omega-3-rich seeds, superfood veggies and fruits. They offer a hassle-free, full refund within 90 days of purchase if your dog doesn’t love it.

Once I switched to Dr. Marty’s, Abby started scarfing down her food. Before, she would push it around and turn her nose up at it. She doesn’t itch as much. Abby’s such a huge fan she kept eating her Nature’s Blend bowl — even when I pranked her by putting a Roomba underneath her doggy bowl!

For a limited time, save 50% on your first order, plus get a free bag of Dr. Marty’s bestselling dog treats. Go to or text KIM to 511511.

2. To keep my dog safe and healthy, I also put an AirTag on her collar

As you can guess from my home security tips, it’s a dangerous world. On the Fourth of July, you often see terrified dogs running down the street, driven into a frenzy by the loud fireworks. Nothing sends a jolt through your heart like realizing your dog is gone.

My little Abby is a bit of an escape artist, which is why I’m especially concerned about her safety. That’s why I put a Bluetooth tracker on her collar. This way, I can track her location if she ever gets out of the house.

3. Put cameras outside the house

I also keep my dog safe and healthy by setting up security cameras. She has run out of the backyard before, and I refuse to lose her again. It gave me the scare of a lifetime the first time I realized she was gone.

Now that I set up outdoor security cameras, I can keep an eye on Abby even during calls. I don’t have that niggling sense of doubt anymore. I have peace of mind since I can open the camera feed on my phone’s app and realize she’s okay.

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