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Instantly share massive files with friends and family

It’s easy to have file-size problems nowadays. Our smartphone cameras take fabulous photos and crisp videos. Our computers can tackle monstrous spreadsheets.

We can create detailed graphics that look stunning when blown up. But all of that comes with a drawback: massive files.

So what do you do when you want to send that slick video or pile of digital photos of your vacation adventure to grandma, but the file is too big to attach to an email? One solution is to turn to the cloud to share files. That’s where this cool site can help.

Metago brings advanced file search and management capabilities to your mobile or desktop gadgets, and to the cloud.

The site’s ASTRO feature offers many user benefits, such as:
  • Quick access to files – On mobile or desktop devices and in the cloud using aggregated search.
  • Easy content management – No matter where it’s located.
  • Instant back up and access – To all files anywhere in the cloud…all from one application.
  • Simple content transfer – Move content from one cloud to another with Cloud-Hopping™ technology.
Managing content with Metago is easy. Just choose the cloud platform you want to copy files from. Visit the cloud platform you want to copy files to, then paste the copied files with Cloud-Hopping™ in ASTRO. It’s that simple.Finding files is simple with ASTRO as well. It makes it easy to quickly search for documents, pictures, videos and more in all locations at once. The advanced search features let you filter for location, name, size, date and more.

Bonus: You’re going to have some large files and photos that you’ll want hard copies of, so you need to have a good printer. You don’t want your precious files to be ruined by streaks, and you certainly don’t want to waste tons of ink as you try to make the perfect collage. Epson’s EcoTank printer solves both of those problems. Not only does it print with amazing quality, it also doesn’t use pricey ink cartridges. Thanks to revolutionary cartridge-free printing, when you buy your new EcoTank printer, you shouldn’t need an ink refill for up to two years! Click here to buy your new EcoTank printer today and start getting better image quality and longer-lasting ink.

To start managing your files with Metago, click on the link we’ve provided in the blue box below. Or, click here to visit Metago’s home page. App background

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