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Inexpensive streaming service makes cutting the cord affordable

If you’re thinking about cutting the cable cord, make sure to do some research first. One mistake people make when they cut the cord is signing up for too many streaming services.That defeats the entire purpose of getting rid of cable in the first place, to save money. If you’re paying for multiple streaming services, your bill might end up in the ballpark of what your old cable or satellite bill used to be.Some people sign up for several services because not all of the channels they want are included in each one. Which is why it’s important to know what you get before signing up. (Psst! Click here to check out our streaming services channel line-ups comparison chart to find out which one is best for you and your family.)As I said, not all channels are included on all streaming services. That’s why this inexpensive service is so nice. You can use it to supplement your main service and it will keep cord cutting affordable.I’m talking about Philo.Philo is a streaming service with more than 45 available channels. You can watch your favorite shows live, or save as many as you like and watch them in HD on as many as three gadgets.

(Note: You’ll need an existing Philo account to use its app.)

Philo was originally available to only college students. However, the company recently made it available to the general public. Currently, it’s available on iOS, Roku, Android Chrome and the web.There are two package options to choose from. The first comes with 37 channels for $16 per month. The second comes with 46 channels for $20 per month.The basic plan includes A&E, AMC, Comedy Central, Food Network, IFC, MTV, Travel Channel, and more. The premium plan comes with all the channels included in the basic and more.At this time there is not an available app for Android in Google Play. But you can still use the service on your Android gadget by using Google Chrome. Just sign in to the Philo website on Chrome’s mobile browser and you’re in.To download the free Philo app for iOS, click the link inside the blue box below. If you’re reading this article using the app, you won’t see the blue box. Click here to see it and download the app.

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