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Improve your understanding of the Bible with support materials and sermons

If you regularly read the Bible, you know its messages help shape the person you are. Reading the Bible gives you guidance and comfort, including when you’re going through life’s toughest moments.But, even frequent readers of the Bible can sometimes feel stumped. Some of the language is complicated. A lot of its meanings are unclear, and many of its passages leave you more confused than before you read them.Of course, it helps to enhance your reading by listening to sermons at church. It’s also helpful to be part of a study group, where people with a deep understanding of the Bible walk you through some of its meanings.There’s a site called Bible Hub that puts a lot of Bible study resources right at your fingertips. Bible Hub has dictionaries, encyclopedias and maps to help you better understand what you’re reading.Bible HubBible Hub also has multiple versions of the Bible, including the King James Edition, the New Living Translation, the New American Standard Bible, and more. There are Bibles with notations by religious scholars, and passages from sermons related to the chapter and verse that you’re reading.For many passages in the Bible, Bible Hub provides the passage itself and related content to help you get a richer understanding of what you’re reading. For John 3:1, for instance, Bible Hub provides the passage beginning, “Now there was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews.” (See photo above.)For that passage, Bible Hub lists similar passages elsewhere in the Bible. You can read those passages in other versions of the Bible, too.You can share your findings with other people, whether it’s in a Bible study group that you teach or one that you attend.

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