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IFTTT is perfect for all you tinkerers

Have you ever heard that acronym for TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More?
Well, the same is true for your connected gadgets and appliances. When they all work together, you get the most out of them.
To get your smart gadget “team” working, you’ll definitely need this web tool!


IFTTT is a web service that expands the functionalities of your connected gadgets, your social media accounts and even your phone and email by connecting them in fresh and unique ways.

IFTTT actually stands for “If This Then That.” After you’ve created a free account, you will see a list of Applets to choose from. Applets are conditional statements that you can select or create to carry out specific functions. These applets are used for “recipes” that can automate your gadgets to do tasks based on a chain of events.

Recipes can be anything you can imagine. The possibilities are endless. For instance:

  • Let’s say you want to stay informed about politics. You can link a news app to your email app. Every time that news source posts an article about politics, you will get an email in your inbox.
  • Suppose you just returned from a family reunion and your cousins are already tagging you in pictures on Facebook. Instead of downloading every photo one by one, there’s an Applet that will automatically save photos you are tagged in into Dropbox or your smartphone’s picture library.
  • Misplace your phone around the house a lot? You can sync the Alexa app with an app that locates your phone. Then, just tell Alexa to trigger the app and she will call your phone.

IFTTT works with several popular apps and Internet of Things devices. Below are some more examples of Applets from their website.


The cool part is that you can create your own Applets. For instance, if you want to be notified when Kim posts a new video on her YouTube Channel then you get a push notification to your phone.

  1. Open My Applets section and push the plus sign to create a new one.
  2. Select “+ this” to select the trigger service, in this case, YouTube, and choose the trigger “New public video from subscriptions.”
  3. Connect (give IFTTT permission to access your YouTube account) and you will see a list of channels you subscribe to. Select The Kim Komando Show.
  4. Select “+ that” to choose an action service, in this case, Notifications, and choose the action “Send a notification.”
  5. Edit the Applet’s name if you want and then hit finish.

It’s really simple and the app walks you through it. You can toggle Applets on and off or delete them if they are no longer useful.

Why IFTTT is a must-have service

IFTTT is a unique service and here are the reasons why you’ll want to use it:

  • It connects your different apps and devices in new ways – IFTTT works with Alexa, smart lights, smart hubs, appliances, email services, social media sites, SMS messaging, phones and a whole lot more. What’s so special about IFTTT is it makes them work together in new and useful ways.
  • It expands your virtual assistant’s capabilities – IFTTT also adds more skills to virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana or Google Home, giving you access to more voice controls that you wouldn’t think are possible.
  • It makes your smart home a whole lot more personal – With IFTTT’s limitless customization options, you can tailor your smart home to your own preferences. You can make your smart lights, your smart lock and even your smartphone respond to your own personal cues and triggers.

Ready to automate your life with IFTTT? Click here or the yellow button below to sign up and activate your first recipes.

You can also download the IFTTT apps for iOS or Android for mobile access.

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