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If you own an Echo, you will love this feature

If you own an Amazon Alexa, you know it can do a good many things. A digital home assistant, it answers questions and performs tasks with ease.Though not really a downside, its responses are all designed and programmed by people who are not you. Therefore, while helpful, Alexa is not as personalized as it could be.That used to be the case, anyway. Now, Amazon has made it so that your Alexa can really, truly be yours. You just have to put in a tiny bit of work.

A personalized assistant

In one of the more fun things to come to the digital world, Amazon released a website that allows you to create your own Amazon blueprints. The idea is to make creating Alexa skills more accessible by offering customizable templates, which can be used to personalize your device.Among the options are the ability to customize the Q&A, quizzes, burns, jokes, trivia and compliments. Think of what Alexa does now, only with your own flavor in the mix.Sounds like fun, right?In all, there are 20 different skill blueprints to mess with, with them spanning categories of Home, Fun & Games, Storyteller and Learning & Knowledge.Alexa came programmed with 30,000 skills, but with this new feature, the options are pretty much limitless. All that’s left is for you to log into your Amazon account and visit the Blueprints page in order to create an Alexa that is really, truly unique to you.
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