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Hundreds of games and stickers to make texting better

There’s nothing like that feeling when a new text message comes in. It’s just nice to know that someone is thinking about you right then and there, especially when it’s someone who’s sending you a friendly note.

Some people use Facebook Messenger for SMS communication, but many others use the built-in messaging apps on their smartphones. (For iPhones, it’s called iMessage. For Android it’s called Android Messages.)

Those of you with iPhones are in luck because Apple offers a hidden app store you probably never knew existed. You’ll find it in the regular app store by scrolling down until you see the icon for the “App Store for iMessage.”

When you tap on this, the iMessages app will open a store with hundreds of apps designed just for messaging. These apps include games, stickers and even helpful tools such as OpenTable, Yelp and Travelocity.

The apps in this special app store will transform how you keep in touch with your friends and family. Use them to plan your outings, see what movies are playing or decide on a restaurant at which to meet up. Or, take turns back and forth with games like SpelliCats and Angry Birds.

Unfortunately, Google Play doesn’t offer a similar app store exclusively for Android Messages. However, there are some fun apps you can install for more sticker options and games for your texts. Popular Stickers has a vast library or emojis, stickers and images. And SMS Games includes six two-player games such as Chess, Connect 4 and Battleships!

There’s always the option to use Facebook Messenger, which has built-in games and video filters. Click here for details on the Facebook Messenger feature you’ve been waiting for.

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