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How you can get compensated for flight delays

If you have never sat around in an airport and waited while your flight was delayed, you’ve never flown before. Or, maybe only flown once or twice.Because as anyone with any extensive travel experience can tell you, delays are as much a part of the experience as salty peanuts. We may like the peanuts significantly more, but both are something we are used to having.Did you know the suffering caused by having to sit around and wait could actually be worth more than a headache? Turns out we could all be entitled to some financial compensation.

It may be just a few clicks away

With, you can quickly and easily check to see if your delayed, canceled or overbooked flight is reason for you to be rewarded. You could get up to $700, and the only requirement is that your woebegone flight needed to have happened within the last three years.Best of all there is no risk, no hassle and zero stress.All you need to do is use the app, which is for iOS and Android, or log into the site and submit the details from your flights. With the app you can even scan your boarding pass and have your flight’s eligibility instantly checked.If the airline owes you any money, AirHelp will help manage your claim as well as help you get the money as quickly as possible, providing regular updates along the way.As great as this service is, few realize it even exists. As AirHelp notes, while upwards of 8 million people around the world are eligible for compensation, less than 2 percent of them have an idea of what they are entitled to.That’s where the app comes in, helping to get you money you didn’t even realize you were owed.

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