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How to watch NCAA March Madness online for free

March Madness is here and college basketball fans across the nation are already stoking excitement for the legendary yearly tournament.

Even if basketball isn’t your thing, chances are you hear people talking about Sweet 16, Elite 8 and Final Four — or maybe you even build your own brackets. Between office pools, online betting and supporting your favorite school, there’s never a better time to join the fun and watch the latest game.

5 sites to get free TV without streaming costs

This year, the NCAA is offering ways to catch the game online for free, to stream on your favorite device. We’ll show you how to jump in and watch so you can cheer on your favorite team, or manage your brackets.

Watch college basketball playoffs live from anywhere

At, we’re always looking for high-tech answers for everyday challenges. With rising costs for deluxe cable and satellite subscriptions, more people are dropping cable and sticking to streaming on their personal devices for entertainment. Most TV packages require expensive add-ons for sports beyond a basic subscription, leaving many  fans in the cold when it comes to their favorite teams. We’re happy to tell you that this year, all you need to catch the big game is the device you’re probably reading this on.

For 2019, the NCAA has partnered with Turner Broadcasting, one of the biggest content producers in television, to bring free livestreams of every March Madness game to any mobile device with an internet connection.

To get started, you’ll need to visit the NCAA’s handy website to see if your device is compatible. From here, you can download the NCAA March Madness Live app directly to your device to access the game. You will be given the option to log in with your TV subscription info, but even then, this isn’t mandatory.

That’s right, all viewers are gifted a complimentary 3-hour live pass before subscriber sign-in is required. This means you can easily catch your favorite team at no charge – even if you’re a dedicated cord-cutter.

Stream March Madness on any device

For those who want to watch beyond the complimentary 3-hour pass, your subscriber information is required, but you do get the benefit of accessing the game on multiple devices at once. This means you can watch your team on a Roku or Apple TV in your living room, then catch the tail end of the game on your phone while you’re winding down for the night in bed.

On top of this, you aren’t required to have a premium subscription or deluxe package to access the stream. A basic cable or satellite package that includes CBS is enough to get online and into the app. Talk about a slam-dunk!

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