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Stream thousands of documentaries absolutely free

Who doesn’t enjoy a good documentary? These true stories can be eye-opening, mind-blowing and better yet, teach you a thing or two about a subject or issue that you never knew existed.


From murder mysteries, conspiracy theories and true crime documentaries to inspiring tales of travel and inside stories of great musicians’ lives, there’s no doubt you’ll find something of interest to watch at Documentary Heaven.

It’s a site that hosts thousands of documentaries that you can stream, for free, right now, without a Netflix, Hulu or any other streaming service account.

All you need to do is visit the home page to see recent additions and featured documentaries. See what people are watching now, what’s trending, or browse by category.

Better yet, these aren’t just any documentaries. Many are critically-acclaimed and include many hot topics, such as “An Interview with Martin Shkreli,” and long-form docs, like “The O.J. Verdict: Shock of the Century.”

What do you plan on watching?

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