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Help archeologists spot sites all over the world

Are you fascinated with the world of archaeology? It’s the study of human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and analysis of ancient artifacts.Although this science field can be rewarding, it’s difficult to actually pursue. Traveling all over the world searching for ancient artifacts isn’t a simple process.Good news, there is now a way for you to play the role of amateur archaeologist without leaving the comfort of your own home.National Geographic Fellow, Dr. Sarah Parcak, has launched a website that brings the world of archaeological discovery to everyone.GlobalXplorer is an online platform that makes satellite images available to archaeologists, accessible to everyone.Dr. Parcak’s goal is to revolutionize how modern archaeology is performed altogether. She intends to accomplish this by creating a global network of citizen explorers, opening field schools to guide archaeological preservation on the ground, develop an archaeological institute, and even launch a satellite designed with archaeology in mind.To this point, Dr. Parcak’s techniques have helped locate 17 potential pyramids, in addition to 3,100 potential forgotten settlements and 1,000 potential lost tombs in Egypt. She has also made significant discoveries in the Roman Empire as well as the Viking world.This is only the beginning. She hopes to uncover much more with the help of citizen scientists across the globe.One activity Dr. Parcak particularly needs help with is to stop looters. This is a major problem. Ancient artifacts are being stolen at an alarming rate by opportunists who come across them before archaeologists have a chance to get to them. An estimated 10,000 looted artifacts are for sale on the black market on any given day.You can help. With GlobalXplorer, you can look for signs of looting on the high-resolution satellite images that are available.If you want to explore, click on the link I provided below and sign up on the GlobalXplorer site. It’s free.

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