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woman uses free weights at the gym

FREE gym exercises and workouts app

What do you do when you can’t find an app to do everything you want it to do? You build your own.That’s what gym enthusiast Adam First did when he couldn’t find an app to help him with his workouts. Adam spoke to Kim on the May 11 episode of The Kim Komando Show and told the story of how he came to develop the very simply named “Gym Exercises & Workouts” app for both Apple and Android.Apparently, Adam tapped into a need. He said his app started as a simple workout dictionary. In the first three months, he had 25,000 installs, and now he has about 5,500 daily active users. The app lets you create your own workouts, sort of like a playlist of exercises, or you can use predefined workouts.

How to use Gym Exercises & Workouts app

Adam’s app is free, so it’s ad-supported, but the ads are minimal and we found it to be easy to use and worth the download! Scroll down to download this free app from iTunes or Google Play.It almost seems needless to include how-to instructions, because his app is truly simple to use. It’s the epitome of user friendly!When you open the app, you’ll see exercises organized by the part of the body you want to work out. Below is a screenshot showing the various arms exercises.gym exercises app example of library of exercisesEach exercise features a concise description of how to perform the exercise, along with an animated GIF showing proper movements.gym exercise app example of how to do dumbell biceps curlsThe app features a library of defined workouts ranked easy, moderate and hard. You’ll find a slew of combinations for things like shoulders and legs and “rock-hard abs.” As you work exercises, you can record your weights, reps and sets so you can keep track of each workout.gym exercises app offers preset workoutsOr you can create your own workouts from scratch. What we like about this app is that there is no need to create an account or link it to your social accounts to use it. They’re not collecting your data; they’re providing a minimally sponsored exercise tool for free.Here, we created a workout for “Tuesday,” and added three exercises, so you can see what it looks like:gym exercises app you can set your own workouts

Other features of the app

Gym Workouts & Exercises also lets you bookmark favorites and you can set the weights to pounds or kilograms. Other than that, it is a simple app that’s easy to use. Enjoy!

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