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3 great apps to tune up your smartphone

For many people, their smartphones are their world. You can use them for almost anything – shopping, getting directions, checking email, keeping in touch with friends and family on Facebook, taking photos, or having fun – especially since they’re nearly as powerful as a regular desktop computer!

With everything your smartphone and tablet can do, you’ll want to make sure it’s running in tip-top shape. From ways to find free Wi-Fi to ways to saving on your data plan, we’ve pulled together a list of apps that will keep things running smoothly.

Finding Wi-FI

It always happens; just when you need it the most, you travel past your Wi-Fi network’s range. This disconnect could be during homework, internet research or just plain ol’ searching the web. But every time it happens, it’s more infuriating than the last.

With WifiMapper, you’ve got a backup plan ready when it comes to your Wi-Fi connection. With this app, you can search through Wi-Fi networks around you and find the best free and secure connection out there. You’ll never be without your favorite apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. WifiMapper will make sure of that with its 2 million recommended free hotspots worldwide.

You won’t have to worry about connecting to a dangerous network either. WifiMapper will tell you what kind of network the hotspot is in, just how reliable the connection is and can even give you reviews about the location you want to connect to.

Click here to get WifiMapper for free on your Android or Apple gadget and you’ll never have to go without the internet again with this great app.

Finding a missing phone

A few years ago, we told you how there’s never been a better time to have your smartphone stolen. It was a major growing problem, but thankfully the “kill switch” is now required to be built into all smartphones (made after July 2015). And the initiative seems to be working. According to Consumer Reports, smartphone theft is on the decline by about 1 million thefts per year.

This legislation means that Find My iPhone and Android Device Manager now come preloaded onto smartphones. But, if you want more, there’s another security app with a few more features for more protection.

Prey is one of the best security apps on the market. Prey sends location information from your stolen device. It can even take pictures of the thief on some gadgets with front-facing cameras. You’ll also know if the thief tries to change a phone’s SIM card, but if all else fails, you can remotely wipe the information from your phone.

Getting the most out of your battery

The latest smartphones pack a big punch into such a little gadget. With all that power comes shorter battery life. Just think about it – there are apps that stay on in the background and refresh themselves, apps that constantly look for your location and your phone’s backlight are just a few things that strain your battery – and fast.

That’s why iPhones on the latest OS will have a new feature called “Low Power Mode” or the setting that will turn off unnecessary apps and processes when your battery dips below 2o percent. But if you need even more help rescuing your battery, check out the Battery Doctor app for both Apple and Android mobile devices.

Battery Doctor promotes proper battery maintenance, which means your battery won’t give out when you need it most. It does this by regulating charge cycles and telling you when the best time to charge is, and whether or not you can skip a charge when you’re at the coffee shop. Even better, with the more power saved, you will see your phone or tablet is running a little faster.

Click here to get Battery Doctor now. 

There are also many options in terms of chargers and external batteries. In fact, we’ve got a few to choose from in Kim’s Shop. There’s the 7-device power hub, and this cool charger case. Plus, all the tech essentials you need are in the Komando Tech Travel Case. Those are just a few of the great items in Kim’s Store. Click here to visit and see what other goodies you come across. 

Bonus app: Organize your photos

If you have a smartphone, there’s no doubt, a ton of photos on there. With so many photos, finding the one you want to send to friends and family can be tricky and take more time than you’d expect. Plus, if you keep too many on your phone, you’ll see the dreaded “Not Enough Storage Space” notifications.

Take control of the photos on your camera roll with an app like Sortpad. These apps let you organize your photos into different folders, grouped by however you choose. You can also easily delete rogue photos, like ones of the floor or snaps that seem to look up your nose.

Next, if there are photos you don’t want to lose forever, you can always put them inside a cloud service. Amazon Prime members get free photo storage, but if you’re not a member, there are other options like Google Photos. App background

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