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Grammar checker to make you look super smart

Their, there, or they’re? Passive voice or active voice? Oxford commas? The rules of the English language can be so hard to follow and understand, even if it’s your first language!That’s why autocorrect and spellcheck are so useful, right? Well, not exactly. Unfortunately, these correction tools can’t detect context. can and it also does so much more!After the Deadline (AtD) is a language checking site for the text you write on the web. It uses artificial intelligence to check spelling, grammar and style rules so that context is factored into the corrections. It also detects when you are misusing a word and it can even give explanations for your mistakes.To use this service, you can go to the website and click the “Demonstration” tab at the top. Selecting that tab transports you to Simply paste your text into the text box, click “Check Writing,” and the site will provide suggestions for fixing your errors. Spelling errors are highlighted in red, grammar is green and style is blue. If you click on an error, a drop-down menu gives you the option to view an explanation or ignore the error.One great feature is that the service isn’t restricted to the AtD website. If you use Chrome or Firefox to surf the web then you can download an AtD extension for your browser. If your personal website runs on WordPress then you can download the AtD plugin so that it checks the content you type before you publish it. AtD has several extensions, add-ons and plugins for different software, platforms and services.Now that you know about this cool site, that doesn’t give you an excuse to be willy-nilly with your writing! In the FAQ section of the site, it states that the service is not a “replacement for carefully reading what you write.” They consider it a safety net for common errors. If you really want to improve your grammar then try this free app full of fun quizzes.
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