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Google’s mobile app brings change you’re looking for – Here’s what’s new

The Google search bar has always been pretty easy to use. You just type in what you’re wondering about and a list of relevant links pop up in a fraction of a second. It’s like magic!Well, due to a new update, using Google just became even easier. With this new feature, you may not even need to use the search bar at all. You can find things out with the tap of your finger.Google just added shortcut icons that you can tap to find out about “Weather,” “Sports,” “Entertainment,” and “Eat & Drink.” They say it’s designed to give you faster access to the information you care about.  This feature isn’t just for the app, it works on the mobile site that you can access through your phone or tablet’s web browser too.Let’s say you’re trying to pick a movie to go see in theaters. Just tap “Entertainment,” then “Movies,” and you’ll see a whole list of movies that are currently in theaters, movies that are about to premiere, and several lists of popular movies separated by genre. Tap on the movie you’re interested in and you can see an overview, showtimes, the cast, and reviews.If you tap on “Sports,” you can see the latest sports-related news. Tap “Scores” at the top and you’ll see a list of the outcomes of all of today’s games or the time when a match will start. It shows all the major professional sports in season right now (MLB, NHL, and NBA) plus the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.Tap “Weather” for the current temperature, 10-day forecast, weather-related news, and more.Tap “Eat & Drink” for a list of restaurants near you. (You must allow the site or app to use your current location). Suggestions are also categorized by which meal of the day you’d like to eat, what type of cuisine you’re in the mood for, and if you want a cozy or lively restaurant atmosphere.If you’re an Android user, you have even more shortcuts, such as “Tools,” “Travel,” and “Fun.” All of these features were already available in the Google app but the tap function makes them easier to get to.
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