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New Google app makes Gmail lighter and faster

We’ve all been there, frantically trying to check our email but struggling due to a poor signal or a dying phone.It’s a pretty terrible thing, with seconds feeling like minutes and minutes feeling like hours as we wait for an important message to reach us.But for some, hope is on the horizon.

Lighter app means quicker email

Google has released a lighter version of its normal Gmail app, Gmail Go, for Android.While still functioning as a useful way to receive and send emails, the slimmed down version will take up less phone space, run faster on less-powerful phones and fare better in places with poor signals.Maybe you have the strongest, fastest, newest phone and spend all your time in areas with great cell reception. But even if you do, there are times where you just can’t get full bars. This is for those times.It figures to be beneficial for people who have expensive data plans, too.Even though it is not as beefed up of an app as the normal Gmail, Gmail Go will still offer many of the same features people are used to.The smart inbox remains, with emails from friends and family being featured, and Gmail Go will block spam in the same way the normal Gmail app does.Gmail Go will also support multiple accounts while automatically filtering and prioritizing emails based on where they are coming from. Users will have 15 GB of free storage and will be able to respond both on and offline.Gmail Go is the latest in a line of svelte apps Google has produced, joining YouTube, Files and Chrome Go.
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