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ColorVision Testing

Give yourself a color vision test

Have you ever wondered if your color vision is accurate? Perhaps when your family and friends are talking about colors, like traffic lights, you think that you’re not seeing what they’re seeing.


If so, you’re not alone. An estimated 5 percent to 8 percent of men are colorblind, according to the site ColorVisionTesting. About 0.5 percent of women are colorblind.

Note: The most common form of colorblindness, red-green deficiency, affects the X chromosome. Women have two X chromosomes, men have one; if that one is affected, men are colorblind.

There is no cure for colorblindness. There aren’t many treatments, although there are tinted contact lenses and eyeglasses that may help.

You can determine if you need to talk to your eye doctor about colorblindness. You can start that process by giving yourself a color vision test. If you’ve taken the 24-plate PseudoIsochromatic Plate (PIP) test, the one on ColorVisionTesting is adapted from that. Although, there are eight plates, instead of 24.

It’s easy to take the test. You’ll be given three seconds on each plate to answer which number you see hidden inside the circle. To start, click on the arrow in the blue circle, until it asks for your age.

Note: No matter what your results, make sure to consult your eye doctor for a more in-depth exam.

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